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People who regularly smoke weed had obviously gone through the situation of having overly damp or even wet weed that obviously will not burn properly. If you get a newly harvested crop and can’t wait till it dry, then you have to know the process to make them dry.

In this article, we are going to give you the 3 quickest ways to dry your weed. Let’s get started. 

Brown Bags and Computer Fans

This is a very simple process. The simple brown paper bags that you normally get from the bakery, or the popcorn buds, are the perfect bags for drying buds. All you have to do is to place a handful or two of small nuggets into a paper bag and leave them for 2–3 days. You are halfway there to make them dry. 

If you are not in a hurry you can leave them for a whole week to dry completely. But if you don’t have the patience or you are in a hurry, then go to the next step.

Now, take your laptop, turn it on, and find out where the fan is. Then place the brown bag filled with the half-dry weed on top of the laptop vent, where the bag will get the dispensed heat from the laptop. Turn the brown bag over after every 10 minutes or near about time for several times, until you feel them dry with your touch. This process can take an hour or longer.

One thing you need to know that, the flavor may not the same as you expect, it will be a little harsh tasting smoke. But it is a very easy process. 

Make Your Boiler Room Into A Drying Box

If you have a boiler room in your house you can easily use it as a place for drying your weed. Though most of the private homes have a boiler room. The boiler room temperature remains pretty cozy and keeps minimal alternative humidity by the water boiler inside the boiler room.

This is really a perfect place to dry your weed easily and quickly. You can dry your weed there in Two different ways. 

The first one is, you can place all small buds in the brown bags and leave them there for 3-4 days

On the other way, you can use string to hang the buds and leave them. Now you have to turn up the heat by switching on the hot water heater. If you want to dry a huge harvest, this will  be the best way as you can dry them in 3 days following this process. But the utility bills will be higher. That’s the difference between these two processes.

Dry Your Weed in the Sun

This is known as the Sun Dry Method. It’s one of the best and easiest methods for drying your weed. Put your weeds in a brown bag before placing it in the sun. It helps in removing the humidity and the paper makes sure your weed dries properly.

This process is best to apply when it is hot outside. The main advantage is,  it provides you a very quick fix. The weed will be ready in  only two days unless the air is very humid. But also there are some disadvantages. The sun destroys the potency and flavor. It also breaks down the cannabinoids by which you get high.